Chinese Venture

Chinese Venture, established in December 2006, is one of the earliest financial magazines focusing on private equity investment in China. The magazine is famous for its in-depth analysis of China's PE investment policies, major financial events, and investment opportunities. The core of the magazine is to lead the investment trend, and to provide readers with professional and profound views on private equity investment. The target readers of China Venture are PE fund managers, executives of financial institutions, entrepreneurs, executives of companies, high-net-worth individuals, and government officials.

China Bridge Website

We always catch up with the trends in the private equity field and provide fresh and professional investment information to our readers. The daily page view (PV) of our website exceeds 170,000, daily user view (UV) exceeds 50,000.

Bridge Media all-media matrix

Bridge Media has established strategic cooperation with some major news media, such as TouTiao, Tencent and Sina, etc.

China Bridge WeChat

China Bridge Official WeChat Official Account publishes research reports, capital market analysis reports, and industrial analysis reports. The number of subscribers exceeds 320,000. The highest reading volume of a single article exceeds 800,000.

China Bridge WeiBo

China Bridge Weibo focuses on financial news and targets industry involvor with a fine educational background and independent thinking. The number of followers of China Bridge Weibo exceeds 370,000, and the maximum view on single report article exceeds 12 million.

China Bridge EDM

China Bridge EDM accurately targets industry elites and senior executives, who are employed by governments, enterprises, and fund managers, etc. The number of people that network covered exceeds 450,000.